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I understand that my entry into this web site will allow me to review certain investment-related information published by Total Financial Advisors, LLC (“Total Financial”) and unaffiliated third parties.  I understand that such material will not be relied upon as investment advice of Total Financial.

Clients selecting the “I Agree” button, may elect to participate in the password-protected access portion of Total Financial’s internet web site, as applicable. Password-protected access to account information is made available to clients of Total Financial free of charge.

I understand that the password-protected section is intended only to allow a client access to information relative to his/her/its specific account.  I also understand that I will be assigned an individual password.  I agree not to share my password with any other person. I hereby release and hold Total Financial harmless from any adverse consequences relative to any failure by me to keep the identity of my password secure.

I understand that this authorization shall continue until canceled in writing. I agree to the terms and conditions of the web site as stipulated.

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